Imposter Syndrome Kit

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Image of Imposter Syndrome Kit

Many students are reluctant to admit that they experience imposter syndrome. Yet, the best time to address it is as a student. I have helped many students to stop imposter syndrome in its tracks, which helps them to finish their degrees with confidence and keeps imposter syndrome from spilling over into their professional lives. For as many students as I have helped, I know that there are many more needing help. So I created a tool to help as many students as possible.

I created the SMASHING IMPOSTER SYNDROME personal billboard to deliver 6 key strategies that result from 17 years of doctoral-level teaching, dissertation chairing, and coaching.

You know how you read a self-help book or article and are excited about one or two take-aways. But then you slowly forget the details of those great ideas. Well the personal billboard format serves as a constant reminder of the 6 great SMASHING IMPOSTER SYNDROME strategies presented.

The 6 X 4 inch 2-sided postcard presents 6 strategies contained in 4 squares. Each square is the equivalent of a one-hour PhD Coaching session – for a total of 4 hours. The 1.5 inch soft enamel lapel pin offers one-word reminders of the 6 strategies.

Keep the postcard handy to remind you of the strategies: place it on your refrigerator, mirrors, desk top, lap top, laminate it and use it as a mouse, or keep it in your school bag. Place the lapel pin on your jacket, school bag, hat, lab coat, or anywhere else that promotes constant reminder.

Remember, each personal billboard comes with 15 minutes of FREE consultation specifically about implementing PhD Coach’s 6 SMASHING IMPOSTER SYNDROME strategies.